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About Me

I'm Martin III, a cinematic enthusiast specialized in Automotive Design & Visualization. Recently graduated from ArtCenter College of Design.

I contribute a very animated design process, inspired from a lifetime of movies and gaming with family and friends. And driven by empathy, I've taken steps with a goal of developing others dreams to life through my years of passionate experience. Ultimately, I communicate that legacy in a work environment.

Additionally, who I am is indulged in my work ethic. Here are my personal strengths:

Empathy - My connections with people are strong. We innovate happiness.

Deliberation - All directions exists best with harmony. I leave nothing or no one behind.

Belief - Our wishes don't come true, they come earned. Each with unique paths.

Restoration - I never give up and I wont let you give up. Chemistry is the solution.

Futurism - With great power comes great responsibility. And I'm not alone.

I extend my visions to you and appreciate your time, let's connect!


Martin Morillo III
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